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Tips for Buying Textbooks

Please visit https://bncvirtual.com/dickinson to purchase your course material. Textbooks are ONLY available using the Dickinson College Online Bookstore.

Don’t pay for shipping! All course materials purchased from 12/30/2023 to 1/19/2024 have FREE SHIPPING directly to our Bookstore on campus. Orders of $99 and up have FREE GROUND SHIPPING from 1/10/2024 to 1/23/2024.

  • Shop early! Early buyers have the greatest opportunity to secure lower priced used books and are more likely to avoid out-of-stock concerns. Often, prices increase as stock is depleted, so again, shop early.
  • Consider renting your textbooks as this is the least upfront cash outlay option. Abide by the end-of-semester rental return requirements to avoid significant replacement fees. If you intend to reuse the book for a second semester, buying the book may be a less expensive option.
  • Consider the eBook option which is available on many of the titles adopted each semester. This option generally provides multiple leasing periods (90 day, 120 day, 180 day, unlimited day) and is often priced significantly less than printed copies.
  • Use the Shop-by-Schedule feature using your Banner ID # to ensure you are buying the right materials for your schedule.

We strongly recommend buying the books required for your courses at the beginning of the semester since availability may become a concern as the semester progresses.

If buying used copies inspect the book to ensure no hidden damage exists (water damage, loose binding, missing pages) that may jeopardize buyback or your ability to read the text.

Support your bookstore that supports you, our students! Proceeds from bookstore textbook sales remain within the college and the funds are used to sponsor a variety of programs and projects.