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Inclusive Access

What is Inclusive Access?

The Inclusive Access program is a digital textbook model in collaboration with top publishers to reduce the cost of required course materials. Access for all students who are participating in a IA class beings a week before class, with the option to opt-out of purchasing through the add/drop day.

How do I get my required course materials through the Inclusive Access program?

Your required digital course materials are delivered through Moodle. Access begins the first day of class. Login with your ID and select to your course home page.

  • Not seeing your Moodle course site? Sites are automatically activated 1 week prior to the course start date. If you don't see a class in Moodle, and it starts in less than a week, your instructor may have made it inactive. If you are concerned about access, please email your instructor.

I didn't get an email about my course, but other students in my class did. Was I sent an email?

All enrolled students are emailed about the program to their official college email address. If it is not in a spam folder or was accidentally deleted, email the bookstore at bookstor@dickinson.edu.

Emails concerning Inclusive Access?

When you opt-in to Inclusive Access you will receive a welcome email, a few days prior then, you will receive another email stating about opt-out and the date you must do so. (This is only for students who do not wish to stay in this course). The last email you receive states your student account was billed and will show on your next month's statement.

What does it mean to opt-out?

If you do not wish to purchase the required course materials through the Inclusive Access program, you have until the add/drop day to opt-out. If you opt-out by the deadline, access to the online content will be turned off and the cost will not appear on your student account.

How do I opt-out?

To opt-out, Login with your Moodle. Navigate to "My Courses", click on the hyperlink "view course material" scroll down to "I want to opt out".

Did not opt out but did not register my access or use the online platform. Will I have to pay?

Yes. All students who are enrolled in a course using Inclusive Access are automatically considered part of the program. To avoid paying for the digital materials you must opt-out through your Moodle course home page before the add/drop deadline.

I forgot to opt out and missed the deadline. Can I get a refund now?

Once the cost of the required course materials has been applied to your student account, there are no refunds.

How do I pay for my access?

The access is free through the add/drop date. After that, all enrolled students who have not opted-out of the program or dropped the course will have the discounted price applied to their student account. The cost of the required digital content for Inclusive Access will appear on your student account as "Inclusive Access" (with the course title).

I have further questions that were not addressed. Who do I contact?

If your question wasn't answered in this FAQ, Go to First Day/Inclusive Access for more help. If you have general inquiries about the course itself, please contact your instructor directly.