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Frequently Asked Questions

What are textbook reservations?

You choose the books you want to purchase and reserve them through the textbook link on the Bookstore’s website. We will hold your prepaid order for pickup at the start of each term. This service is available for fall and spring semesters only.

Why should I reserve my textbooks?

  • Used books sell out quickly, buy early for the best selection.
  • Beat the crowds.
  • Guaranteed to receive the correct edition.
  • You are supporting the college with every purchase you make at the Bookstore.
  • When can I reserve my books? The online textbook purchasing portal will be activated approximately 2-3 weeks before the start of each term. Once the online portal is closed, you can come into the Bookstore and we would be happy to assist you in finding your course materials.

How do I reserve my books?

  • Log onto www.dickinson.edu/store
  • Click on the order textbooks and course materials icon.
  • Click on current term (i.e. FALL 2021). Have your course schedule handy.
  • Click on course name, then course number, and finally course section/professor to find your courses.
  • Click on find books for these courses. 
  • Add the books you want to your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout and select your method of payment.
  • If you are renting a textbook, you must provide your Student ID number.
  • Sign in or create an account. 
  • Complete the billing information and select Holland Union Building as the shipping address.
  • Once you place your order the process is complete. We will hold your prepaid books for pick up in the Bookstore.

Please note in the event the book condition you ordered is no longer available, we will substitute a book of another condition. For example, if you order a used book and we only have new books available at the time your order is processed, we will substitute a new book and vice versa. 

What do the various book status descriptions mean?

  • REQUIRED - this indicates a must read for the class.
  • RECOMMENDED - implies the professor prefers the title to be read for the class but it is not required.
  • OPTIONAL- this is up to the discretion of the student. It is not required.
  • CHOICE - this is a requirement for the class but it comes in different formats. You may choose a bound textbook, a loose leaf version, bundle, or an eBook. Your choice. A bundle includes either a bound or loose leaf text and an access code (choose one book only). 

What happens if I accidentally choose the wrong book or change classes?

Once you have checked out online, your order cannot be changed online. You may place a second order and return any incorrect books when you arrive on campus to pick up your book order. Or, you may contact Katie Crain at the Bookstore. (craink@dickinson.edu or 1-800-582-5436). If your order hasn’t been processed we can make an adjustment to your order. Please note: most orders are processed within one business day of order placement.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up my order? 

It is helpful to have the first and last name of the person who placed the order online.

Where do I pick up my order?

The pickup location is located in the front of the Bookstore near the trade book section.

When is the last day for textbook returns?

Monday, September 6th.

End of Semester Buyback: The best time to get the most value for textbooks is the week of finals at the end of each semester. Buyback helps lower textbook costs for the following semester. STUDENT ID REQUIRED.

Who may I contact if I experience a problem while ordering?

Contact Katie Crain at (717) 245-1389, or toll free, 1-(800) 582-5436; or email craink@dickinson.edu. It is our sincere desire that this reservation process be a positive experience for students, parents, and Bookstore staff.

Disclaimer: In making the Dickinson College textbook list available on this web site, the Bookstore cannot and does not guarantee the books we have listed will actually be the books used for any given course and section; individual instructors can and do make final decisions about course book usage, therefore changes and errors may occur. If your course is not listed, the Bookstore has not yet received a request from the instructor. Textbook prices are subject to change without notice.